Restaurant Consulting


Chef Eric Lechasseur is a restaurant owner, author, executive, consulting and private chef, with more than twenty years of professional experience in vegetarian/vegan/macrobiotic cuisine. Professional skills encompass all aspects of vegetarian/vegan/macrobiotic food preparation, including sourcing high quality organic produce, recipe development, menu design, presentation and service, restaurant/kitchen design, development and operations, catering, and teaching and training. Excellent people and communication skills, coupled with enthusiasm and passion for plant-based cuisine and compassionate living.

Restaurant Planning

  • Evaluation of target market, competition, and restaurant style
  • Profiling of anticipated clientele and theme development
  • Menu design, maximizing menu elements, usage and versatility, portions and presentation
  • Projected food life and usage
  • Recommendations on sourcing quality produce, ingredients, and suppliers


Kitchen Planning

  • Feasibility evaluation of kitchen facilities and equipment (based on menu/restaurant theme)
  • Staffing recommendations (based on menu/restaurant theme)
  • Preparation, line and storage recommendations
  • Survey of health department requirements
  • Logistics of ordering and inventory


Recipe Development and Staff Training

  • Development of recipes
  • Staff training in preparation, portion and presentation
  • Staff training in use of equipment, cleanup and maintenance
  • Recipe licensing based on modest annual fee and chef credit


Menu Demonstration and Tasting

Other Services and Services in Excess of Per Diem