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Executive Chef and owner of Seed Kitchen, specializes in vegan macrobiotic cuisine that is healthy, delicious and vibrant. He is currently one of the most sought after chefs in the gourmet-natural-vegan food industry. Eric’s dishes are full of abundant and harmonious flavors, and customers feel well after enjoying his food. He uses local, organic and high quality ingredients and cooks with love to make dishes that are bursting with flavor and life.

Eric’s journey in macrobiotics began in 1993 to help his wife, Sanae, combat her medical problems and to help his own crippling allergies. Ever since, he has combined his love for cooking and interest in healing foods to create a truly unique cuisine, redefining the concept of “healthy” and “vegan” foods. Utilizing his vast experience and creative juices, Eric’s culinary creations are both a celebration of seasonal tastes and a feast for the eyes. Customers often forget that they are eating vegan/macrobiotic food because it tastes too g mood to be healthy!

As a private chef, he has cooked for numerous celebrities, including: Madonna, Tobey Maguire, Sting, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Keenan Ivory Wayans.